How Cubeit Works

Step 1

We deliver your cube.

Digital illustration of a truck loading a portable storage cube.

Step 2

You pack your cube.

Illustration of man packing a portable storage cube.

Step 3

We move your cube.

Illustration of a truck moving a portable storage cube.

Step 4

We store your cube.

Illustration of truck dropping portable storage cube off at storage yard.

Explore Our Cubes

The Cubeit system was designed to be as safe, convenient and cost effective as possible. Our customized delivery process is engineered to keep your container level during the delivery process to help protect your valuables.

Cubeit Horizontal Lifting System
Watch the horizontal lifting system
View outside the container
View inside the container
Cubeit Cube Outside View
Cubeit Cube Inside View

Moving in Barrie

As you prepare for your big move to Barrie, it is helpful to be as ready as possible whether you are moving 10km or 1000km. We’ve gathered some key points to help make your move as seamless as possible. We are here to help!

Barrie Moving Tips

  1. 1. Pack it yourself

    Full service movers & packing services are pricey. Even if you don’t want to pack it all yourself, you can always do a partial pack, and have movers handle the rest. Every box you pack yourself is money in your pocket.
  2. 2. Moving is an opportunity to declutter

    Check for items which you no longer use and simply get rid of them. Lightening your load can feel refreshing.
  3. 3. Plan well in advance

    Make sure you have plenty of boxes and materials so you don’t have to keep making trips to buy more. If you’re buying from Cubeit, you can always return the boxes you don’t use!
  4. 4. Use colour codes

    Use markers or stickers to colour code the boxes by room so that your utensils don’t end up in your bedroom. This is great way to save time for both you and your moving help.
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