How Cubeit Works

Step 1

We deliver your cube.

Digital illustration of a truck loading a portable storage cube.

Step 2

You pack your cube.

Illustration of man packing a portable storage cube.

Step 3

We move your cube.

Illustration of a truck moving a portable storage cube.

Step 4

We store your cube.

Illustration of truck dropping portable storage cube off at storage yard.

Explore Our Cubes

The Cubeit system was designed to be as safe, convenient and cost effective as possible. Our customized delivery process is engineered to keep your container level during the delivery process to help protect your valuables.

Cubeit Horizontal Lifting System
Watch the horizontal lifting system
View outside the container
View inside the container
Cubeit Cube Outside View
Cubeit Cube Inside View

Sudbury Storage and Moving

Whether you are moving across the city or long distance, planning ahead for your move can make the process much easier. Cubeit is here to help with storing and moving your items. Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

Moving Tips

  • Tip #1

    With 200km of trails and 330 freshwater lakes, you may want to explore this beautiful city right away! If unpacking falls on the back burner, feel free to keep your Cubeit mobile storage container with you for as long as you need!

  • Tip #2

    Sudbury is known for its long, snowy winters. Luckily, this will not put your belongings in danger because our units are built to be weatherproof for all Canadian weather. Just make sure to pack extra blankets and socks for when you arrive! See the current weather forecast here.

  • About Cubeit Sudbury

    We service Sudbury and surrounding areas including Parry Sound, Espanola, and Timmins. We can help you move locally within the Sudbury area or across Canada to almost any destination. Cubeit Portable Storage provides temporary on-site storage that gives you the flexibility and convenience to move at your own pace. Our mobile storage pods are delivered to your current home, you pack it, and then we deliver it to your new location.

Address: 3105 Kingsway Blvd. E, Sudbury, Ontario, P3B 2G5

Phone: 844-350-0400

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