How Cubeit Works

Step 1

We deliver your cube

Digital illustration of a truck loading a portable storage cube.

Your long-distance move starts with the delivery of your container. Cubeit delivers your container directly to your door. It’s convenient and easy.

Step 2

You pack your cube.

Illustration of man packing a portable storage cube.

Take your time to pack your container for your long-distance move. Cubeit understands that it is important for you to have the time to properly secure belongings for transportation.

Step 3

We move your cube.

Illustration of a truck moving a portable storage cube.

As soon as you are ready, we will pick up your container and move it to your new destination. You can keep your container with you for as long as you need; this is what makes Cubeit easy and convenient.

Step 4

We store your cube.

Illustration of truck dropping portable storage cube off at storage yard.

Do you need extra time in between your move? We can pick up your container and keep it at one of our storage facilities. Take your time to setup your new destination, and when you are ready, we will return your container from one of our local facilities.

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The Cubeit system has been designed to be as safe, convenient and cost effective as possible. Our customized delivery process is engineered to keep your container level during the delivery process to help protect your valuables during every step in your long distance move.

Cubeit Horizontal Lifting System
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Woman carrying a packed box.

Moving & Storage Tips!

Let us help you organize your move and reduce stress during the busy time with a few ideas! Cubeit does more than supply you with your storage cube and transport for your long distance move- they also supply all your packing essentials such as cardboard moving boxes of all sizes and bubble wrap to help your valuables make it to your new home after the long haul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about renting containers, organizing packing supplies, and anything else about your move, see our frequently asked questions to find your answers! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with any of your storage and moving needs.

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