Looking to buy a container? Cubeit is your #1 choice for new and used steel containers! We offer container sales, rentals and custom manufacturing, and maintain a huge inventory of containers across Canada. We are the leader in sales and rentals of affordable containers of all sizes.

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Packing Supplies

We sell boxes, tape, locks, bubble wrap, and mattress covers to protect your belongings.

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How Cubeit Works

Step 1

We deliver your cube.

Digital illustration of a truck loading a portable storage cube.

Step 2

You pack your cube.

Illustration of man packing a portable storage cube.

Step 3

We move your cube.

Illustration of a truck moving a portable storage cube.

Step 4

We store your cube.

Illustration of truck dropping portable storage cube off at storage yard.

Explore Our Cubes

The Cubeit system has been designed to be as safe, convenient and cost effective as possible. With ground-level loading, your container is kept level during the delivery for added protection. While waiting for you at one of our facilities, your cube is designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. The transport of your cube can take up to two weeks depending on the distance of your move- pack your cube with the travel in mind and make sure your belongings get from point A to point B safely. Cubeit’s steel-framed containers protect your valuables no matter where you live, whether it be the cold snow of Quebec to the rainy days of Vancouver. Cubeit makes sure your belongings make it through the ever changing climate of Canada.

Cubeit Horizontal Lifting System
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