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How Cubeit Works

We deliver your cube.

You pack your cube.

We move your cube.

Or store your cube.

Free Cancellation!

Cubeit’s cancellation policy is much like that of a hotel’s: no deposit is required to reserve a Cube and there’s no penalty to cancel a reservation for any reason.

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Horizontal Lifting system helps minimize shifting of contents.
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Cubes keep your contents safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of portable storage?

Cubeit Portable Storage is an easy, convenient solution for moving, storage and renovations, with both local and long-distance services.

We deliver a portable moving and storage container to your home or office. You pack the container, and when you are ready, we deliver the container to your new destination. You can store the container on your property or at one of our many secure storage facilities across Canada.

Founded in Barrie, Ontario, Cubeit Portable Storage is proudly Canadian!

Yes! Through our Concierge Moving Service, Cubeit has a referral program comprised of a network of trusted, experienced movers. We are happy to connect you with a professional moving team and they will simplify the loading of your Cubeit container.

Yes. Cubeit’s free-cancellation policy is much like that used by hotels. No deposit is required to reserve a container and no penalty is charged should you cancel the reservation for any reason.

In addition, your delivery schedule with Cubeit is completely flexible and can be modified with as little as one business day’s notice.

Yes. Cubeit containers are made of a steel frame with specially designed, powder-coated steel.

Most of our containers stay outside all year long and are designed to withstand the extremes of Canada’s weather.

The outside dimensions of Cubeit containers are approximately 8’ wide, 8’ tall and 16’ long, and are designed to accommodate the contents of 3-4 rooms.

As each household is unique and Cubeit offers a ‘do-it-yourself’ program, clients must assess how much container space their belongings will require.

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Moving Help
Need moving help? Cubeit offers a free Moving Concierge Service which connects you with our network of trusted and experienced movers. Call today!
Organize Moving Help
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Packing Supplies
Cubeit also offers a variety of cardboard moving boxes & packing supplies. Plus we will deliver them inside your Cube.
Packing Essentials

Container Sales

Cubeit sells and rents new and used shipping and storage containers. We can also manufacture them to your specifications. Call us to learn more.