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How Cubeit Works

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We deliver your cube

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You pack your cube

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We move your cube

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We store your cube

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The Cubeit system is a convenient, cost effective solution to your moving and storage needs. Our steel-framed containers are engineered to protect your valuables against the elements of the Canadian climate and our ground-level loading system is designed to keep your container level during the delivery to minimize the shifting of contents within.

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Guelph Moving and Storage

Are you moving to and from Guelph, Ontario? Plan ahead to make your moving experience easier, seamless, and hassle free. Planning and preparation is what matters the most, and we are here to help you with that! Here are some points to keep in mind as you plan your move to Guelph.

Solve all your moving and storage needs with Cubeit, the portable storage container solution that can be delivered anywhere in Guelph.

With contact free delivery and pickup, getting a storage container in Guelph has never been easier. 

If you need temporary storage in Guelph during a renovation, move or any other need for more space, Cubeit’s container storage can provide convenient storage available at your convenience.

Your Cubeit container is great for moving locally in Guelph or moving across Canada. Fill your container at your own time, and when you’re ready we will pick it up and move it for you.

Portable Storage in Guelph

Cubeit is your best solution for portable storage in Guelph. Our Cubeit storage containers can be delivered anywhere in Guelph. 

Whether you are looking for renovation storage in Guelph or mobile storage, Cubeit offers a hassle-free solution with our moving cubes

Our state-of-the-art horizontal pickup and delivery system ensures your items are safe during transportation and delivery. 

Storage Containers in Guelph

Cubeit moving containers are built to protect your items from the Canadian elements. The double door entrance provides easy access and can be locked to keep items secure. You can learn more about our Cubeit container size here. 

Drop off storage in Guelph has never been so convenient, we are working harder and faster to deliver to you as quickly as possible. In Guelph and need a storage container in a rush? Contact us and we will schedule a container delivery as soon as possible. 

Ready. Set. Store.

About Cubeit Portable Storage - Guelph

Situated in the southern part of Ontario, Guelph is a vibrant city with a population of more than 120,000 people. Guelph is an educational town, having several colleges and universities. With the increase in demand for storage, we deliver portable containers to students for their storage needs. Our portable containers are of much use for the investors who get the student homes renovated. Cubeit also serves the industrial sector where there is a constant need to store raw materials and equipments. You have probably seen our portable storage moving trucks driving through Exhibition Park, Guelph Junction, Old City area, and down to Clairfields.

Try our Free Portable Storage calculator

Do you need help determining how many storage containers to rent for your Guelph move? Just enter the items you are packing room by room and our calculator will provide an estimated number of containers required. Before you finalize your storage container rental, our knowledgeable Storage Advisors will be happy to discuss your move in more detail.

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