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Step 1

We deliver your cube

Digital illustration of a truck loading a portable storage cube.

Your long-distance move starts with the delivery of your container. Cubeit delivers your container directly to your door. It’s convenient and easy.

Step 2

You pack your cube

Illustration of man packing a portable storage cube.

Take your time to pack your container for your long-distance move. Cubeit understands that it is important for you to have the time to properly secure belongings for transportation.

Step 3

We move your cube.

Illustration of a truck moving a portable storage cube.

As soon as you are ready, we will pick up your container and move it to your new destination. You can keep your container with you for as long as you need; this is what makes Cubeit easy and convenient.

Step 4

We store your cube

Illustration of truck dropping portable storage cube off at storage yard.

Do you need extra time in between your move? We can pick up your container and keep it at one of our storage facilities. Take your time to setup your new destination, and when you are ready, we will return your container from one of our local facilities.

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The Cubeit system is a convenient, cost effective solution to your moving and storage needs. Our steel-framed containers are engineered to protect your valuables against the elements of the Canadian climate and our ground-level loading system is designed to keep your container level during the delivery to minimize the shifting of contents within.

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Red Deer Moving and Storage

Cross-Canada Movers in Red Deer

Are you planning to move across Canada? Plan ahead to make your moving experience easier, seamless, and hassle-free. With quality cross-Canada movers in Red Deer like Cubeit, our concierge service will set you up with movers so preparations are as simple as giving us a call! Here are some points to keep in mind as you plan your Red Deer move.

About Cubeit Portable Storage - Red Deer

Cubeit Portable Storage has been operating for over 13 years, linked countless clients, and delivered 60,000+ portable storage containers throughout Canada.

If you need help determining how many storage containers you’ll need for your for long-distance from Red Deer, simply enter the items you are packing room by room, and our calculator will provide an estimated number of containers required. For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our expert cross-Canada movers in Red Deer; they’ll be happy to discuss your move in more detail and find the perfect moving solution for you.

We can also drop off one of our Cubeit mobile storage containers to any address in Red Deer to be used as on-site storage during renovations and home projects. Our trucks will drop off the container at your home or place of business and will have it picked up by a qualified movers once you are done. Rental periods can be expanded or contracted as timelines change.

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Cross-Canada Mover Red Deer

If you are moving across Canada, we have will link you to the most qualified mover for your particular move.

Long-Distance Moving Red Deer

Our well-built storage containers will handle any long-distance moving from Red Deer to to anywhere in the country. 

Concierge Moving Red Deer

With our concierge moving service, we will use our vast network of contacts to provide the best services available like our vetted and highly reliable movers.


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